Element Symbols Worksheet – Countries Answer Sheet 1

Element Symbols Worksheet-Countries Answers

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Here is an answer sheet to the Element Symbols – Countries Worksheet.

A PDF of this sheet can be downloaded here.
If you would rather just have the answers to the element symbols worksheet, here you go:

  1. Argentina (Ar Ge N Ti Na)
  2. Britain (Br I Ta In)
  3. China (C H I Na)
  4. Finland (F In La Nd)
  5. France (F Ra N Ce)
  6. Honduras (Ho Nd U Ra S)
  7. Iceland (I Ce La Nd)
  8. Nepal (Ne P Al)
  9. Netherlands (Ne Th Er La N Ds)
  10. Pakistan (Pa K I S Ta N)
  11. Peru (P Er U)
  12. Poland (Po La Nd)
  13. Singapore (S I N Ga Po Re)
  14. Spain (S Pa I N)
  15. United States Of America (U Ni Te Ds Ta Te S O F Am Er I Ca)

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