Free Volume Conversion Worksheets and Quizzes

Free Volume Conversion Worksheets
Practice volume conversions with these worksheets that cover both metric and English units.

This is a collection of free volume conversion worksheets. It includes both metric and English units of volume. For example, units include cubic centimeters (cm3), cubic meters (m3), liters, milliliters, cubic feet (ft3), quarts, and gallons. Unit conversion worksheets are new for the site, so I’m adding to the collection. Check back often for more worksheets, quizzes, and slides.

Volume Conversion Quizzes

Grab these quizzes for use in Google Classroom. Edit them for your needs. Each volume conversion quiz is a quick 5 questions that demonstrates understanding of the concepts.

cm3 to m3 Quiz

Quiz – cm3 to m3

Quiz in Google Forms

Cubic Centimeters to Liters Quiz

Quiz – cm3 to Liters

Quiz in Google Forms

Volume Conversion Worksheets

These are slides that explain how the volume conversions work. Print them as handouts, make transparencies, or use them in Google Classroom.

Volume Conversion Worksheet and Quizzes Terms of Use

Use the resources on this page for study, as transparencies and printouts, and in Google Classroom. But, remember they are copyrighted, so do not sell them or post them on your own website. Thanks!