Quart to Liter Conversion Example

Quart to Liter Conversion
One quart is slightly less volume than one liter. Or, one liter is slightly more volume than one quart.

It’s easy to do the quart to liter conversion or liter to quart conversion once you know the conversion factor. Here are example problems, showing you exactly how to set up the unit conversion.

How a Quart Compares to a Liter

Quarts (qt) and liters (L) are two units of volume. The quart is the United States and imperial unit, while the liter is a metric or International System of Units (SI) unit. Quarts and liters measure liquid volume, fuel volume, and non-liquid volume for backpacks, refrigerators, and microwaves. One quart is a slightly smaller volume than one liter; one liter is a slightly larger volume than one quart.

Quart to Liter Conversion Factors

Use either of these conversion factors when converting between quarts and liters:

  • 1 quart = 0.9464 liters
  • 1 liter = 1.0567 quarts

Setting Up a Quart to Liter Conversion

The key is making certain the unwanted unit cancels out, giving you the unit you do want. It does not matter which conversion factor you use.

1.00 quarts x (0.9464 liters/1 quart) = 0.9464 liters


1.00 quarts x (1 liter/1.0567 quarts) = 0.9464 liters

This way, the “quarts” unit cancels out because it occurs in both the numerator (top part) and denominator (bottom part) of the fraction.

Quart to Liter Example Problem

For example, you have a car with a 16-gallon fuel tank. There are four quarts in one gallon, so this is the same as a 64-quart fuel tank. How many liters of gas does the tank hold?

64 quarts x (0.9464 liters/1 quart) = 60.57 liters

64 quarts x (1 liter/1.0567 quarts) = 60.57 liters

Liters to Quarts Example Problem

For example, suppose an airline has a 40-liter size for carry-on luggage. What size is this bag in quarts?

40 liters x (1 quart/0.9464 liters) = 42.27 quarts


40 liters x (1.0567 quarts/1 liter) = 42.47 quarts

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