Getting to Iceland – The Adventure 1

Viking at the Saga Museum in Reykjavik

Viking at the Saga Museum in Reykjavik

I got off to an adventurous start, even before reaching Iceland. It snowed in Boston, my point of departure to Reykjavik, grounding planes and spreading misery. Logan International Airport sent out the snowplows and the IcelandAir pilot (a woman… yes!) skated the jet down the runway and into the air. Freezing rain and snow? No problem for the Icelandic crew.

Inside the plane there was an artificial aurora, so when they dimmed the lights so we could sleep, it was like the Northern Lights filled the plane. I have a video somewhere…

Our captain warned us it was very windy in Reykajavik, but said it would be okay, since the wind would be behind us. We landed fine, true enough… but the gale-force winds (40 meters per second is the number I heard) were so strong we were stuck on the tarmac for a couple of hours, waiting for the wind to die down so they could safely open the doors. It was a good opportunity for a nap 🙂 I hear we made the news in Iceland. Very cool.

I visited the Aurora Museum and Saga Museum, ending the day with a buffet at the Reykjavik Restaurant. So… I tried whale for the first time, prepared two ways. One piece looked like a purplish-black chunk of dried liver, while the other was more of a greenish gall bladder-looking thing. Visually appealing? Not so much. Kinda chewy, very mild, with delicate seasoning… interesting, but not something I’d seek out to eat again, mainly because I felt bad eating whale. The green piece tasted of herbs, while the purple piece had a berry flavor.

Today I am off to play tourist, with a good chance at viewing the aurora tonight. I’ll take pictures, of course! The internet is iffy, but I’ll do my best.

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One thought on “Getting to Iceland – The Adventure

  • Kate

    The Icelandair pilots are very good. You probably landed in Keflavik since international flights land there and then you get the 45 minute ride to Reykjavik.Hopefully you’ll try leg of lamb and lamp chops, the Icelandic skyr which is like yogurt but you add your own milk and sweetener and go to the hot dog stand in downtown where President Clinton and a few other famous people ate and had their pictures taken.