Hexagon Periodic Table Wallpapers 2

These periodic table wallpapers all contain hexagonal tiles arranged in a honeycomb pattern on black backgrounds with colored, almost glowing text.

Reading the table requires you to oscillate down then up as you move across the table to see the more traditional pattern. Moving vertically on the table is the same as you are used to.

These tables are suitable for 1920×1080 high definition monitors and laptops. Each cell contains the element’s atomic number, element symbol, element name and atomic mass. Click the image below of your preferred table to view the full-sized image.

EDIT: While these wallpapers look cool, they contain errors for values of atomic mass. Corrected and updated versions of these tables can be found at Honeycomb Periodic Table Wallpapers – 2015 Edition.

Honeycomb Periodic Table - Blue Text

Blue tiles and text look pretty cool.


Honeycomb Periodic Table - Green Text

Green radioactive text and tiles for entering The Matrix


Honeycomb Periodic Table - Red Text

Red tiles and text have a sinister glow.


Honeycomb Periodic Table - Yellow Text

Yellow on black suggests a warning of some kind.


Honeycomb Periodic Table - Pink Text

Pink (technically magenta) text is surprisingly easy to read.


Honeycomb Periodic Table - Orange Text

Orange on black for Halloween or Fall themes


Honeycomb Periodic Table - White Text

White text and tiles looks as if written on a chalkboard.


Honeycomb Periodic Table - Purple Text

Purple text and tiles to round out the highlighter marker colors in the group.

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