Ig Nobel Awards 2014

The Stinker
“The Stinker” is the official mascot of the Ig Nobel prize. Credit: www.improbable.com

The Ig Nobel Award is awarded every September to outstanding scientific research, invention or any other achievement that first makes you laugh, and then forces you to think.

This year, the 2014 Ig Nobel ceremony, or “The Igs” will be held on September 18 at Harvard University’s Sanders Theater at 6:00 PM EDT. You can join in the fun via the stream feed on the Improbable Research website. The stream will begin at 5:40 Eastern for the pre-show concert. There will also be two designated tweeters, James and Polina Harkin, sharing their thoughts during the ceremony from the stage @ImprobResearch. Others are welcome to tweet to #IgNobel.

The theme of the ceremony is Food. This does not mean all the prizes will be awarded to food themed topics, but you never know what will earn the prestigious Ig Nobel.

This will be the third Ig Nobel ceremony I have attended. Perhaps I will make an appearance on the webstream if they pan the audience. I will be in the balcony to the left of the stage (viewed from the audience).