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2014 Ig Nobel Prize
The 24th Annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony was held on September 18, 2014. The “Igs” are awarded to achievements in science that first make you laugh, then make you think. There were 10 prize categories and each winner was awarded the actual prize. This year, the prize resembled a plate […]

2014 Ig Nobel Prize Winners

Jean Bernard Léon Foucault
September 18 is Edwin Mattison McMillan’s birthday. McMillan was an American physicist who discovered the first transuranium element. McMillan joined Ernest Lawrence‘s Berkeley Radiation Laboratory team in 1934. He was attracted to the possibilities of Lawrence’s cyclotron. Over the course of his association with the cyclotron, McMillan made several contributions […]

Today In Science History – September 18 – Edwin McMillan ...

The Stinker
The Ig Nobel Award is awarded every September to outstanding scientific research, invention or any other achievement that first makes you laugh, and then forces you to think. This year, the 2014 Ig Nobel ceremony, or “The Igs” will be held on September 18 at Harvard University’s Sanders Theater at […]

Ig Nobel Awards 2014