Mad Scientist Costume You Can Make Yourself

Mad Scientist Costume
Mad Scientist Costume

A mad scientist costume is one of the easiest and least expensive costumes you can put together yourself. It’s the perfect costume for Halloween or science parties.

Mad Scientist Costume Basics

A mad scientist costume comes down to freaky hair, a crazed look in your eye, a lab coat, and props:

  • Evil eyebrows – Use makeup to cover your normal brows and pencil in new ones or you can attach fake fur for that extra-crazed look.
  • Crazy hair – All you need is a brush and a bit of hair spray to look like you’ve been playing with electricity. You can use temporary color to add a white or colorful streak.
  • No hair – Alternatively, baldness is a nice option for a mad scientist costume. Use natural-colored fabric or cover a fabric cap or swim cap with makeup the same color as your skin. Another idea is to surround a flesh-colored cap with fake hair. You could also go all-out and shave your head (although then people might truly believe you’re mad).
  • Lab coat, surgical scrubs, or a suit – The clothes make the man (or woman). No mad scientist, bad doctor, or evil lawyer would be complete without the appropriate attire. While a real lab coat may be hard to come by, all you really need is a white t-shirt. Simply cut it down the front to make a quick and easy “coat”. White button down shirts may be transformed into lab coats, too. Spice up a lab coat with a construction paper or real bow tie (a favorite of chemists because they don’t fall into chemicals) or a homemade radiation badge.
  • Glasses – A nerdy mad scientist may add a bit of tape to glasses to show he’s too busy to care if they are broken. If you don’t actually wear glasses, look for a scratched up pair of sunglasses and take out the lenses. Better yet, wear safety goggles. If you don’t have a pair, they are inexpensive if purchased from a building supply store, like Home Depot or Lowes.
  • Shoes – Wear extra socks so you can wear shoes that are too big. Got bowling shoes? Give them a try.
  • Pants – Any pants are fine for this costume. A true scientist typically wears long pants to avoid acid burns.

Other Mad Scientist Props and Accessories

  • Pieces of victims – Tortured dolls work for this.
  • Got a stuff rat? There’s your lab rat!
  • Make a potion. Ideally, you’d put this into a flask or beaker. Sometimes inexpensive plastic versions are sold around Halloween with candy. For an amazing potion, add colored water to a flask and drop in a piece of dry ice to create a bubbling fog effect.
  • Job-related props, such as toy stethoscopes or safety glasses
  • Disposable gloves (evil is messy)
  • Fake blood (evil is… well… evil)
  • Add anything that might indicate insanity, such a wild laugh or doing weird things with your hands.