Meniscus Worksheet – Practice Sheet to Read a Meniscus

A meniscus is the curve formed on the top of a liquid and its container. Reading a meniscus is a necessary skill for anyone in a chemistry lab. Reading a meniscus could even be applied to the kitchen when measuring liquid ingredients. This meniscus worksheet is a great way to practice reading the meniscus of a liquid.

Meniscus Worksheet

To download a PDF of this worksheet, click the image above or download it directly. Even though the images are in color, the contrast between container and liquid is apparent enough if printed in black and white.

Here is the completed meniscus worksheet. If you’d like to download this, click the image or download directly.

Meniscus Worksheet Completed Answers

Feel free to use this worksheet in your classrooms. Be sure to check out our other chemistry worksheets and handouts.

Meniscus Worksheet Completed Answers