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While we have dozens of periodic tables, these free wallpapers are reader favorites! You can download these HD periodic tables to your desktop or mobile device or print them to make handouts, study aids, or posters. This is a small sampling of the wallpapers that are available. You may also wish to view the full list of wallpapers or the full list of printable tables.

Color Periodic Tables

These are the go-to periodic tables for essential element facts, such as element name, symbol, group, atomic mass, and element number.

2015 Periodic Table Muted Color - Most popular of the Science Notes periodic tables!

Color Periodic Table Wallpaper

Vibrant Color Periodic Table Wallpaper

Vibrant Color Periodic Table Wallpaper

Space Periodic Table

Space Periodic Table

Specialty Periodic Tables

Here are couple of the most popular specialty tables. The first shows the most common electrical charges of an atom of each element. This is essentially equivalent to the common oxidation states of the element.

Color Periodic Table of Element Charges - 2015

This next table shows the relative size of atoms of the elements compared with each other. This is an interesting way to see the trend in atomic radius according to groups and periods.



Unusual Periodic Table Wallpapers

This brightly colored hexagon table appears radioactive. On a screen, it seems to glow. No, the hexagons don’t allow the element groups to line up neatly. We were just playing around with interesting patterns.

Green Hexagon Periodic Table - 2015

This periodic table has a green radioactive glow.

This cat table was made just for fun. Cats like chemistry, too!

Cat Periodic Table version 2 Blue

Periodic Table with Cats – Blue Background

Blank Periodic Table

Here’s the most popular blank periodic table wallpaper. You can print it to practice elements or color it in with whatever you like, to make your own custom periodic table.

Blank Periodic Table Wallpaper

Blank Periodic Table Wallpaper



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