Has a Ring Ever Turned Your Finger Green?

Copper in a ring turns finger green.

Copper in a ring turns finger green.

Has a ring ever turned your finger green, black, red or some other color? Share your experience. What color did your finger turn? What type of ring were you wearing? Are there some types of rings that work better for you than others? You’re welcome to share your experiences…

green finger

I have been wearing a mood ring and its turned my finger green what should I do??

odd engagement…

My boyfriend gave me a ring last night that has 3 gems already fallen off an is too big for my finger. I’ve been wearing it an its turning me green, how do i wear it when its turning me green without hurting him?
— AlyssaJ.

engagement ring nightmare

My engagement ring turned my finger green! Thankfully he is getting me a new one :) It’s going to be gold this time thought :)
— Katie

Talk about a mood green but a finger??

After wearing a mood ring (not sure where i got it) for a day it turned my finger green idk why!!?????
— Abby

Green finger!!!

So I got a mood rig from Claires and after 2 and a half hours I got a green finger and after 2 days of wearing it it don’t get green so yeah.
—Guest AShling

Mood Ring

It’s probably nickel, but I’m not sure. It is a cheap mood ring. The surprising thing is that I only wore it for a few hours.
— AP

Ring Turned My Finger Black

I was on Marco Island, sitting in the water at the beach all day, while digging for shells with my hands. The spot was at the edge of the water, so when I would dig down, my hands were under water. Well, I was wearing my wedding band and wedding diamond that day. They are both 14 carat yellow gold. I have had these rings for 9 yrs. at the time and NEVER had any type of discoloration at all. When I came in to take a shower is when I noticed that my finger turned a blackish – grey color. Pretty weird since I’ve worn the rings many times in that same water and never had a discoloration. Maybe it was a reaction from the shells since I basically had small shells in my hands for hours, just scooping away as I sat at the water’s edge in my beach chair, talking up a storm with my mother in law.
— DreaQ

Copper Ring Turns Finger Green

As far as I know, the only metal that turns my finger green is copper. It’s not toxic. Actually, I think it’s supposed to be therapeutic for some conditions. However, it is not attractive. It has to wear off rather than wash off.
— Azareal