You Might Be a Pyro or Pyromaniac If 1

A true pyromanic or pyro has an unhealthy fascination with fire. (Nath Planas)

A true pyromanic or pyro has an unhealthy fascination with fire. (Nath Planas)

Pyromaniacs or pyros are people who have a fascination with fire, which usually involves playing with fire or setting fires. Are you a pyro? Do you know a pyro? How would you know? Well, here are some ways you might be able to tell. You might be a pyro if…


Pyromaniacism RULES! So do explosions. I love fire, I love explosions. That’s the way it is.
— Guest

Am I a Pyro?

Whenever somone i know lights a lighter or match i end up taking said lighter and the box of matches just to light them.Once lit my cousins hand on fire,and know where all the lighters matches and anything else i could use to light fires are in my house…despite family trying to hide them…to bad for them huh?
— John

The geeks…

You might it… The only reason you started hanging out with some of your friends at first was because YOU knew THEY knew how to make things blow up and THEY knew YOU wanted to know how.

happy go boom day

lighter fluid lighters gunpowder and gasoline poured over a batch of fireworks is your fourth of July
— fox

you might be a pyro if..

if you keep a secret stash of explosives and if you can also get plants and know which ones have flamable oils and how to get to those oils.
— pyroboy

Well you could be if…

Your probably a pyro if as a kid you tried to make smoke bombs, fireworks, and such and were very upset about realizing that you can’t get the chemicals for it because you were too young. A.K.A. If you are me. 🙂
— Pyroboy


You might be a pyro if you take AP chem and burn your school down for fun using ammonium nitrate and ammonium chloride and zinc powder
— Daniel and Joanna

Are you me?

You may be a pyro if you are me or if you use any barbecue as an excuse to set fire to stuff lol
— Matthew

You may be a pyro if

You ask the following questions: Is it flammable or if it is can I make it explode?
— Roy mustang

guilty also,

if you use youtube as your guide to making fire or smoke (or weapons?) Like me, you might be a pyro. (fun stuff on there!)
— mindovermatter


if you light 90% of anything you see that is flammable. You might be a pyro
— Ben


You are a pyro if you are me. Haha
— MG


You might be a pyro if the only reason you go (or went) to Chemistry class was because you hoped to see something explode……. as for me, guilty as charged.


You may be a pyro if you pour gasoline on pavement and set it on fire.
— Sedso

IF you can or IF you can’t..!!

I you can make a smoke, no sound, large effect!! Then you can be a pyro..!

Hand sanitizer is life

You light your hands on fire so you can slap people for fun…
— Fire is my middle name

A regular around here

When everybody (in the fire departments) knows your name ♪♪
— Combustion Destruction

You’re an anarchist

If you know how to turn a simple bomb into a deadly, lethal/painful weapon. Like iron shards in a MacthBomb
— Warseer

burn yourself!

take a bath of corn oil and light yourself using a lighter! haha
— firemanz

hand sanitizer fire fun

You might be a pyro if you light hand sanitizer in fire and pick it up. (that is so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!)
— pyromania

you’re a pyro if you know this

This is the ultimate guide of everything pyro! First I’ll run down where to do it: Pyro activities can be performed anywhere. Just make sure no one is around except you, and maybe some friends. You can perform pyro activities inside, but you are mostly limited to flammable sprays. Outdoors is where to do it. Pick a spot in the woods, and dig a hole and put some rocks in it. You can have your own fire pit. Or better yet, make a section of ground that is only dirt and rocks, so you have a lower risk of forest fire. Make sure you do this deep in the woods where nobody can see you, but make sure you have a route planned in case some unwanted visitors plan to drop by. Now, Flammable Sprays. Probably the first thing any pyro will ever do. But there are some things that you can do with these sprays that you never would have thought of: Lysol: Very flammable, and probably the most universal of flammable sprays. Heres and idea, take a full can of lysol and break it open with and axe o
— pyro


I built my own fireplace and practically smoked my family out of the house…and then there’s the time when I shot paintballs at a deodorant can. FUN:)
— Maranda


if u used to steal ur parents lighters just to watch the fire
— fireguyz

You might be a pyro if….

You, like me, made black powder all the time and used it to make rockets that sometimes blew-up & brought the neighbors outside looking for their children.
— Idaho Spud

or if

You burnt your eyelashes bending over a bonfire you made in the kitchen sink.
— crs


You might be a pyromaniac if you carry aroung matches/lighters/explosive/random chemicals and you seee most of your surroundings as flammable in any way. Also if your favourite summer activity is setting fire to ants using a magnifying glass.
— Sara


If you stare at a fire constantly then you might be Pyro… also if you jump through it.
— Dude

You could be a pyro if…

You like to make different kinds of grenades… (Film canisters, airsoft, shotgunshell ‘nades, and anything that has to do with firecrackers)
— Breehee


if you some how find a way to make stuff explode or burn (me in science we had sulfur!)
— firestarter
Are you a pyro? Post a comment to tell how you know…

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One thought on “You Might Be a Pyro or Pyromaniac If

  • Laura Grosvenor

    MMmmm….you might be a Pyro if you are me. I love setting wooden pallets on fire. I go to the supermarket and take the newspaper circular ads and open them, and put them in a nice pile and light em up. I know all the words to Pyromaniac by Violent J as well as the song Pyromania by Cascada. I play Pyro on TF2 (on Steam) and main him…I am him, minus the really cool weapons. I think of fire pretty much 24/7 and I would love to burn down a house, but I can’t because I live in a city and it would be really easy to get caught. Too bad. I actually have the diagnosis of Pyromania from my psychiatrist AND therapist. I took my lighter to my therapy appt. (duh—I am NEVER without one) and I scare people regularly by burning scraps of paper as I walk along the sidewalk. It is funny to see people get scared. Ha. Wussies.