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Gold means more to alchemists than the ability to pay for their experiments. Gold represented perfection on all levels including the mind and the spirit. As one of the seven planetary metals, it was represented by the Sun. Many of the symbols used to portray gold in alchemical writings had […]

Gold Alchemy Symbols

The metalloids or semimetals are elements that exhibit properties of both metals and nonmetals. The elements between the metals and nonmetals on the periodic table are metalloids: Certain additional elements are considered metalloids based on their properties, but aren’t usually considered part of the periodic table group. These elements are:

Metalloids (Semimetals) List and Photos

Buckyball or Buckminsterfullerene
June 6 is Richard Smalley’s birthday. Richard Smalley is one of the three men who share the 1966 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of carbon fullerenes. Fullerenes are a class of molecules consisting entirely of carbon atoms that form three dimensional shapes, such as spheres, tubes, and ellipsoids. […]

Today in Science History – June 6