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Stephen Hales 1
September 17 is Guillaume-Benjamin-Amand Duchenne du Boulogne’s birthday. Duchenne du Bologne was a French physician and pioneering neurophysiologist. Duchenne began his neurophysiology work with a new device called an electropuncture. This device was designed to deliver electric shocks to stimulate muscle tissue using sharp electrodes. He eventually improved the device […]

Today In Science History – September 17 – Guillaume-Benjamin-Amand Duchenne ...

Nicolas Desmarest
September 16 marks the passing of Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit. Fahrenheit was a German physicist and glassblower who invented the alcohol and mercury thermometers. He is also the person responsible for the Fahrenheit temperature scale. The Fahrenheit scale was originally calibrated to three points. The first point was measured from the […]

Today In Science History – September 16 – Daniel Gabriel ...