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Fun Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt 1
Grab your periodic table and search for the answers to this Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt! How To Use the Scavenger Hunt Worksheets Use a periodic table to hunt up the answers to these 20 periodic table questions. The reward for your hard work is an expanded knowledge of how to use a periodic […]

Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

Potassium Metal 1
Potassium is the 19th element of the periodic table. These potassium facts contain chemical and physical data along with general information and history. Basic Potassium Facts Name: Potassium Atomic Number: 19 Element Symbol: K Group: 1 Period: 4 Block: s Element Family: Alkali Metal Atomic Mass: 39.0983(1) Electron Configuration: [Ar]4s1 Full: 1s22s22p63s23p64s1 (full) Discovery: Sir Humphry Davy in 1807 Davy is well known for his […]

Potassium Facts