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Disposable latex gloves offer limited protection. (Rachel Haller, Flickr)
Everyone knows it’s important to choose the right size of glove, but fit isn’t the consideration for glove selection. Choosing the right material is critical for protection from chemicals, biological agents, heat, and cold.The first step for selecting the proper glove for the job is identifying the hazards. Ask yourself: […]

Handy Glove Selection Guide for Scientific Research

A glycerite is a preparation made using glycerin as a solvent. (Yourbestdigs, Flickr)
Glycerite Definition: A glycerite is an extract prepared by soaking a sample in glycerin or a glycerin solution. Either vegetable-based or animal-based glycerin may be used, though it is customary to use plant-based glycerin to prepare herbal glycerites. Advantages: Some chemical compounds are more soluble in glycerin than in water or alcohol, […]

What Is a Glycerite? Definition and Preparation