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The BED is a unit of radiation equal to the amount of radiation in one banana.
There are many units of radioactivity, but the ways they are used can be confusing. These units express how often a radioactive source produces radiation, how radiation interacts with matter and how radiation is absorbed and affects biological systems. These units can be broken down into four categories: Radioactivity, exposure, […]

How Radiation Is Measured – Units of Radioactivity

Many science writers work at desks or in offices. I work on laptop, commonly from hotel rooms covering stories. ( Stokpic)
One of the most common questions I get asked is how to become a science writer. How do I get started? What skills do I need? Is it possible to make a living at it? Science writers arrive at the career by various paths, plus the job depends largely on […]

How to Become a Science Writer

Cats and other vertebrate animals yawn. Cats can even catch yawns from people.
People yawn from before they are born until old age. We yawn when we’re tired. We yawn when we’re bored. We yawn when we see other people or our pets do it. Other vertebrate animals do it too, including cats, dogs, fish, birds, and snakes. Science hasn’t completely nailed down […]

Why Do We Yawn? Science Explains

The visual center of brains of blind people may be active and produce lights and colors.
One of the most common questions blind people get asked about their blindness is “What do you see?” Unless the blind person formerly had sight, there’s no frame of reference to describe the experience. A person blind from birth typically doesn’t see anything… not black, not gray, not white. It’s […]

What Do Blind People See?

It's possible to survive a nuclear attack. Know the location of shelters and don't panic.
The possibility of a nuclear attack is terrifying, but if you’re not at ground zero, it’s possible to survive an atomic bomb, particularly if you take the proper action. Your best strategy depends on several factors, including the time you have to prepare, your proximity to the bomb and the […]

How to Survive a Nuclear Attack