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Broken Glass (Ivan Vranić)
Fact or fiction? You can shatter a glass using just your voice. This is a fact. If you generate a sound with your voice or an instrument that matches the resonant frequency of the glass, you produce constructive interference, increasing the vibration of the glass. When the vibration exceeds the […]

How to Break Glass With Your Voice

Although two snowflakes may look identical under a microscope, the chance that two snowflakes are the same on the molecular level is infinitesimally small. (Aaron Burden)
You’ve likely been told no two snowflakes are alike — that each is as individual as a human fingerprint. Yet, if you’ve had the chance to closely examine snowflakes, some snow crystals do look like others. What’s the truth? It depends how closely you look. To understand why there’s a […]

Is It True No Two Snowflakes Are Alike?

Prussian blue ink is one of the easiest blue inks to make. (Adrien Ledoux)
You can prepare your own blue ink. This blue ink recipe is very easy and produces a beautiful blue ink for writing, drawing, or crafts. BLUE INK INGREDIENTS Prussian Blue pigment (sold as a pigment or sometimes as laundry bluing) water PREPARE BLUE INK It’s extremely easy! Mix the pigment into the […]

Blue Ink Recipe

Chip pan fire demonstration in a laboratory.
Have you ever experienced a chip pan fire or other kitchen grease fire? This photograph actually is a simulated chip pan fire, produced as a demonstration. I have to wonder if the simulation was intended to be that spectacular. Also, I bet that fire was pretty intriguing to people passing by the […]

About the Chip Pan Fire Demonstration