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The nitrogen triiodide demonstration produces a loud sound and a cloud of purple vapor.
The nitrogen triiodide chemistry demonstration is a dramatic explosive reaction that produces sound and colored vapor. Crystals of iodine react with concentrated ammonia to precipitate nitrogen triiodide (NI3). The NI3 is then filtered out. When dry, the compound is so unstable that the slightest contact causes it to decompose into […]

How to Perform the Nitrogen Triiodide Chemistry Demonstration   Recently updated !

These pH paper test strips were made using paper coffee filters that had been cut up into strips and dipped in red cabbage juice. The strips can be used to test the pH of common household chemicals.
It’s easy to make non-toxic pH paper test strips from red cabbage juice. This is a fun project for kids to do at home. If you calibrate the test strips, they are useful for a school lab. What You Need Basically, all you need is a red or purple cabbage, […]

How to Make Red Cabbage pH Paper   Recently updated !