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Strong and Weak Acids
Strong and weak acids are key concepts in chemistry. Strong acids completely dissociate into their ions in water, while weak acids incompletely dissociate. There are only a few strong acids, but many weak acids. Strong Acids Strong acids completely dissociate in water into their ions and produce one of more […]

List of Common Strong and Weak Acids

Test Tubes of Blue Liquid
The blue bottle reaction is a classic color change chemistry demonstration. It interests students in chemistry, introduces the scientific method, and illustrates oxidation and reduction (redox reactions) and chemical kinetics. The reaction starts as a blue liquid which becomes colorless and returns to its blue color. Materials The usual materials […]

Blue Bottle Chemistry Demonstration

Flowers are that special bit of color to any landscape. They make generic green bushes into distinctive and unique objects of attention. This flowers wordsearch contains the common names for 39 of these colorful blossoms.

Flower Word Search

Glowing Flowers
Flowers are already beautiful, but have you ever wanted to make glowing flowers so you could see them in the dark? All you need is a bit of basic chemistry and biology to make real flowers glow. Here are four methods to make glowing flowers. There are instructions for both […]

How to Make Glowing Flowers