The original four ancient elements for alchemists are earth, air, fire and water. These graphics show the alchemical symbols for each element and the color commonly associated with each. Earth is generally associated with the colors brown and green. Air is associated with blue, white, yellow or gray. Fire is […]

Earth, Air, Fire And Water Element Symbols

Earth Alchemy Symbol 3
Alchemists considered the all things to be made up of four basic elements: earth, air, fire and water. These are the alchemy symbols for earth, air, fire and water. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato further defined the four elements by adding two¬†qualities to each element. There were four possible qualities:¬†hot, […]

Earth, Air, Fire And Water Symbols

Tin Alchemy Symbol
This is a collection of tin alchemy symbols. Notice the ‘Z’-shaped symbol closely resembles one common symbol for zinc. Tin was often associated with the planet Jupiter and shares the same symbols in some cases. The symbol used for Jupiter is generally shaped like a ‘4’.

Tin Alchemy Symbols