Density Periodic Table – Periodic Table Wallpaper

This density periodic table gives a graphic representation of the relative densities of each element to the densest element, osmium.

Density Periodic Table - 2017

This table contains the usual atomic number, symbol, name and atomic masses of each element. It includes the density of each element at or around room temperature. If an element contains many different allotropes, the value given in the table is labeled with the allotrope name. A few of the gaseous elements list densities for their diatomic forms.

Another unique feature of this table is the band across the middle of the element’s tile. The width of the tile is equal to the relative density of the element to the densest element, osmium. This gives an easy view of the trend across the periodic table for density.

You can download the image directly for use as a widescreen wallpaper, or download a PDF version for easy printing. To print, choose “Fit” and “Landscape” as your print options for best results.

For those without a color printer, there is the grayscale version!

2017 Density Periodic Table - Black and White

This table does not have the color coding of the different element groups, but the horizontal bar width pattern is still visible in gray. You can download the PDF version for printing or download the image for a cool wallpaper.

If you’d like a list of densities of the elements in alphabetical order, check out Density of Elements of the Periodic Table. This table contains predicted values for the ‘unknown’ elements in this table.