Glowing Hand of Doom Halloween Punch Recipe

This festive punch has a glowing hand and gives off lots of fog. It tastes great, too!. Anne Helmenstine

This festive punch has a glowing hand and gives off lots of fog. It tastes great, too!. Anne Helmenstine

Glowing Hand of Doom punch is a great punch for Halloween parties or mad scientist parties. Here’s how to make a glowing hand rise from the punch, which is bubbling and producing fog.

Glowing Hand of Doom Punch Ingredients

  • disposable glove, not powdered
  • tonic water
  • dry ice
  • punch (cran-grape cocktail works great)
  • black light

Make the Punch

  1. Rinse the glove with water. Fill the glove with tonic water. Hang it in the freezer to freeze it. I set mine on a box of ice cream to suspend it, held in place with a frozen pizza on the edge of the glove. Be careful not to mash the glove when the door closes or else the hand will be disfigured.
  2. When the tonic water is frozen in the glove, set the glove in a large glass bowl or punch bowl. You should be able to get it to stand on its own without too much trouble, otherwise you can set it upright in a glass, placed inside the punch bowl. It isn’t necessary to remove the hand from the glove. You can dribble a little red food coloring on the hand if you want it to appear bloody.
  3. Pour your punch into the punch bowl. As the dry ice sublimates, it will carbonate your punch. Cran-grape cocktail makes a nice bloody-looking punch that tastes good carbonated. Orange-pineapple cocktail makes a nice orange Halloween punch. If you mix juice with tonic water then the punch itself will glow under a black light.
  4. When it’s time for your party, add dry ice to the punch. The dry ice will sink, so there isn’t much risk of getting any into a cup when the punch is served. You can use regular ice if you want your drinks to be colder. Feel free to add more dry ice over time.
  5. Black light (ultraviolet) will make the hand glow. Dry ice causes the bubbling. It’s perfectly safe to drink the punch, but don’t drink the pieces of dry ice (they are easy to avoid while serving the beverage).

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