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This carved Halloween dragon pumpkin breathes real smoke and fire. Photo Credit: Anne Helmenstine
Carve a dragon jack o’ lantern for Halloween and make your pumpkin breathe real smoke and colored fire. The fire breathing dragon is easy to do and quite spectacular. Dragon Pumpkin Materials real pumpkin (fake might catch fire!) dragon pattern knife red sparklers or emergency flare Carve the Dragon Cut around […]

Fire Breathing Dragon – Halloween Pumpkin

Sulfur (element 16) often surrounds fumaroles. (Brisk g)
Sulfur is the element that is atomic number 16 on the periodic table. At room temperature, this nonmetal is a bright yellow solid. Here’s a collection of interesting atomic number 16 facts: Atomic Number 16 Element Facts One of the most interesting facts about sulfur is that it changes colors […]

Atomic Number 16 Element Facts

Snow appears white because the faceted snowflakes reflect light. (Stephane Mignon)
Science Explains the Color of Ice and Snow Snowflakes are crystals of frozen water. Water and ice appear clear or slightly blue in large volumes, so why is snow white? The reason has to do with the way light interacts with snowflakes and the air molecules packed between each and every […]

Why Snow Is White

The color of gold depends on its thickness and the presence of impurities in the metal. Purple gold is unusual, but not impossible to make.
Colored gold alloys are seen in jewelry and gold is often added to glass to give it color (e.g., ruby glass), but this project is a little different. You’ll be performing any of a number of chemical reactions to make a gold chloride solution turn purple. Make Purple Gold Mix […]

How to Make Purple Gold