Have You Eaten Apples Seeds or Cherry Pits? 14

Do you think it's safe eating apple seeds or cherry pits?   (liz west)
Do you think it’s safe eating apple seeds or cherry pits? (liz west)

Eating apple seeds, peach seeds or cherry pits is controversial. Some people believe the seeds and pits are toxic because they contain a cyanide-producing chemical, while other people believe the seeds are therapeutic. Have you eaten apple seeds or cherry pits? Did you experience any effect from eating the seeds?

Be Careful

I think it depends on how you eat them and how many you eat. If you swallow them whole they probably just pass through your system. If you chew them up and eat the inside you’re ingesting poison. I think you have to eat a lot of seeds to get sick or die. My mom ate a peach pit once and dad yelled at her cause they were poisonous, she didn’t know that. She said it tasted good like almonds. Recently dad tried to make juice with cherries and he ground up the pits. Then he remembered they were poisonous so he threw it out and made new juice.
— carolyn

Cherry Pits

I never spit out cherry pits. I have been eating them since I was about 7 and swallow them. I am 49. And very healthy. And I LOVE cherries!

no poison

I just love eating apple seeds. I mean I cannot eat an apple without eating its seeds and I mean the interior of the seed. I have never had a problem though. And if you have a problem breathing don’t blame them of apple seeds but on smoking and pollution.
— ina

Apple seeds.

I have been eating apple seeds on a daily basis since I was a child without the skin mind you. I am now 76 and enjoy a very healthy life. I have always been aware that they contain a certain amount of cyanide but it’s almost like an addiction, I enjoy the taste and I never had any side effects. As a matter of fact I believe that they are beneficial.
— Leo


Where is your research on this? Cyanide poisoning man? Are you getting mixed up with the the old war-time, man made killer of potassium cyanide!!!? I have read many research books on the subject years ago and all say that the ‘hydrogen cyanide’ the byproduct of the VITAMIN B17 (laetral) found in stone fruits is beneficial to breaking down tumors and cancer cells, as well as the other byproducts of the Laetrile: *may lower blood pressure depending on the causes. * produces an antiseptic effect. Because Vitamin B17 cannot be patented THEY AND YOU try to use scare tactics to STOP us using natural wholesome beneficial FOODS to stay reasonably healthy with all the chemical pollutants pushed into us. Yes, as one writer mentioned that his mate died with taking the seeds. He may have had an allergic reaction, due to other problems he was not aware of. I myself have been taking each day approx 8 bitter almonds with an apple, plus apple seeds, as a preventative. I have fair skin, prone
— Ginni

Cherry Pits Poisonous

You need to learn more chemistry. The CN that is poisonous is not in stone pits. Stone pits contain molecules with cyanide but it does react like CN or HCN. Saying these are poisonous is like saying lead is poisonous. Lead is not poisonous. Lead ions are poisonous. These pits have not poisoned me over the last 10 years. You do need to learn how to determine the quantity of each kind of pit you can tolerate. Excessive amounts can do harm but it is not the cyano portion that does the harm.
— chemist


I have been eating apple seeds and grape seeds for a long. long time. I cannot say whether they have poisoned me. I have not sensed the effect. I heard that grape seeds have antioxidants. I am confused. I wish I could know what the real truth is, concerning these things. I thought that the seed represented and encapsulation of all the elements of the grown fruit! Should I pick out the seeds of all the fruits I enjoy, before I eat them? A few days ago, I accidentally swallowed a naesberry/sapodilla seed. I felt its sharp edge bruising my throat. In fact, it felt like it had stopped there for a while. Now, I am having dark stools. Could this be a sign of bleeding? Please respond, post haste!!
— Gp

Very Unlikely

For about 7 years now I have been eating Apples whole! Everything! I knew that there was cyanide in the seeds, but I figured that if you eat hem you will build up a tolerance. I mean people drink Cider every year, and I can tell you from making ciders for years, the seeds get ground up and mashed right along side the rest of the apple. Yummy cyanide cider! It’s not like you are eating sunflower seeds. Come on, think a little!
— wellstim27

Seeds Kill…no joke.

I have to say, DONT EAT APPLE SEEDS. if you plan to live past the age of 23 then you should not eat them. They are EXTREMELY deadly and should not be ingested or inserted in any way, shape or form. I know from experience, my brother died from an extreme case of Semen-Efflagitare. It is a condition that results in a high consumption of apple seeds, he just craved them all the time. Unfortunatly he died in 2002 R.I.P Scott. TRUST ME…DONT EAT THEM.
— Sadsister

i..eat the whole thing.

I don’t see anything wrong with eating the whole thing and I didn’t even know apple seeds were poisonous until a friend told me. Yup, I eat the entire apple, core, seeds and all. I’m..quite healthy and not very sickly, so I guess the poisonous seeds basically have no effect on me.
— Xino Akip


I have been eating whole apples (minus the stick) since I was under the age of 12 (i’m nore 35) and have never had any side effects from the seeds. I appreciate that they do have low levels of toxins but I like the slightly almondy flavour they give.
— Simonofthepiemans

no they are not poisonous

Firstly, eating too much of anything is poisonous. I have done a lot of research on this very subject and I myself eat plenty of apple seeds a day. Spreading around misinformation like this really bothers me. How about doing some research and understanding how beneficial the seeds can be for your health.
— steve

yes this is true

i’ve been having breathing problems for the past 3 weeks -about the time i started eating the apple seeds … my breath has gotten worse and worse (i was kinda happy – being suicidal and all) but im glad i found out before i died but it might be too late because now i can hardly breathe – for all u that say this is a LIE! u didn’t almost die cause of this and i don’t care about f***ing cancer

Apple seeds

i just actually Got done eating an apple including core & seeds i never had any problems i cant believe they’re poison i disagree with this.
— Rebbel

I eat the pits

40 years old and I’ve been swallowing cherry pits (and watermelon seeds) for decades with no ill effects. I don’t chew them and assume that they pass through my system. Since this process is EXACTLY the way that these fruits evolved for seed dispersal by mammals and birds, I find this claim rather suspect.
—Cherry Pit Swallower


I accidentally bit on about 2 apple seeds and in about 3 hours,I found itchy swellings all over some parts of my body like a reaction. After about another hour,my skin got normal again after the swellings disappeared. A day after bathing with cold water,the itchy swellings are back,now they have come and gone repeatedly for about 3 days. I guess my body antigens are fighting the compound to neutralize it. Thank you
— Ekene Obiaku

Hot pits

Yesterday I had 10 cherries (about 100g) with lunch. I warmed the cold cherries to room temperature in the microwave. I spit out the pits but noticed that the pits had gotten rather hot. Four hours later I vomited for no apparent reason. By late evening I felt fine again. Could heating release the toxin from the pits?

It happens.

Actually, nothing at all happens when you eat 10 or more cherry pits. I should know…I’m a doctor. Dr. dork! Just kidding guys. C’mon…everyone knows that cherry pits are harmful! stay away!!!!! and be safe.
— Seed Swallower


I’m a 76 yr old man in perfect health, eating all kinds of seeds in my blender drinks every day, no problems, avoid doctors if your smart

Eating Apple and Other Seed

I agree with Mark Gosselin, Ginni and other respondents. These seeds do not contain cyanide. They have a chemical, having a cyanide radical, which does not chemically react the way KCN or HCN does to poison an animal. The people putting out this poison info are not very good chemists or have a pathetic hidden agenda. Mark Gosselin is correct, they are putting out BULLSH*T. Don Smith 2 years Post doctorate level studies in each of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
— Don

still alive

I agree that there is a lot of research out there that is very wishy washy, since people have been eating seeds since the beginning of time. I grew up eating the apple seeds, and sometimes peach seeds, and I didn’t die. If they were truly poisonous people would be dying all the time, and common people like myself would’ve known this many years ago, and not been eating them. I agree that much research in our world is exaggerated with probable hidden agendas so government drug agencies can take control over cancer cures etc. and make people feel like natural things are bad, when they are good. They just want people to be afraid of what is good and buy over the counter drugs instead of the natural cures our ancestors used to live longer than we do today! This drug agencies want to get rich by twisting things around so people can get confused and depend on them versus the natural food/remedies which can really keep us healthy.
— mn

i am apple god!

i only eat whole apple seeds. 64 times a day. and im not ill once at all. for ever
—jordan the apple destroyer


My aunt always ate her apples with the core, the only thing she wouldn’t eat from an apple was the stem. I started doing that because then you don’t have to find some place to get rid of the core, and plus my mom told me apple seeds are healthy and they make you smarter. I’ve beet eating apple seeds for years and i am perfectly fine. This article is just a bunch of lies!
— Jessica nesukh

Not true for everyone

About 15 years ago, because a “friend” told me, when chewing apple seeds, I would get the sensation of tasting and smelling a combination of cherries and roses. This may seems strange but it happened. So, for years after, I made it a point of chewing the apple seeds separately after eating the apples. I probably chewed hundreds of apple seeds. I never knew about the poisonous effect and I never got an adverse reaction. One day I simply got bored with it and never did it again. Today I ran into someone who told me about the poisonous effects of apple seeds and I researched it. It looks like it is bad for your health and could kill you!!! Bullshit. I know it from experience. This is another multi-million dollar government grant for meaningless research a few “expert” jumped on to give themselves a name. I will repeat it: I chewed, then swallowed hundreds, maybe a thousand apple seeds and didn’t even sneezed after it. By-the-way, I am sure to have swallowed a few cherry pits as well.
— Marc Gosselin

I always swallow cherry pits

I always have swallowed cherry pits with little or no symptoms afterward but admit if I chewed. Apple seeds I did feel sick. When I was young I ate some of the inner seed of either a peach or apricot and remember being sick as well
— Jason

to guest carolin, her dad and similar

i wrote already, let me just add that beside eating all sorts of seeds especially apricot seeds i also chewed them of course every time i ate them and every time i eat them,i ate peach seeds and chewed them few days ago not a lot but like 10 of them at the same time from the peaches that i ate and took out the seeds,i ate apricot sees today left from 2 pounds of apricots and dried on the sun for few hours then cracked open and eaten,i ate all the seeds in the same amounts when i was 6 year old boy and now 24 years later year after year i eat them(all of my friends and cousins eat them) i also eat plum seeds in big amounts,i buy them in store in 200 gram boxes i never had a headache from it never threw up or felt bad in any way, i don’t know why are people lying about it but its all a bunch of lies,a part of your every day table salt is the same poison found in apricot seeds and you don’t die from eating it(unless you eat few pounds a day,then you will) also if you are allergic you will die
— Peter

why are you lying about seeds

people have been eating all sorts of seeds forever and no one died from it,if any died it might be from eating 5 pounds of it per day but its the same with anything,if you smoke 50 packs of cigars per day you’ll die ,i have been eating apricot seeds since i knew how to walk and not few of them,i remember we used to have apricot trees in the garden,huge old trees,and we still have some of them and new ones too,when i was a child,i remember eating apricots and apricot seeds all day every day as long as there were fresh apricots on the trees,so it was every year for weeks and weeks since some sorts ripened sooner then others,and i was a small skinny boy and nothing ever happened to me nor to any of my friends or cousins,also about apple seeds water melon seeds and all other sort of seed,plum seeds too,we have all been eating them and still we do it and no one is dead and we do not count how many we eat,its all a bunch of c..p,some people are sure allergic but i never met a single one
— Peter

Executive Chef

Three apples a day (including the seeds) keeps the doctor away.
—Good Eats

Cherry pits are the bomb

I am 35 yrs old and have ALWAYS swallowed all the cherry pits! I am a very healthy woman & have only experienced one bad side effect from swallowing all those cherry pits…It can be kinda rough leaving them behind! I ~love~ cherries and usually only eat them 3-4 times a year when they are the ripest in Walmart! I usually polish off an entire pound when I do eat them & pooping out a the pits from a pound of cherries can be a tough situation!!! I think hemorrhoids is the biggest health risk associated with eating too many cherry pits! Eaters Beware! :)
— Healthy Woman

apple lover

I have been eating apples with their seeds all summer and have actually chewed the seeds. I have experienced many of the symptoms mentioned here, but I also have had a great deal of trouble from itching all over my body as if something was biting me all over. Through elimination of the foods and medicines the only thing left was the apple seeds.
— Apple lover

eating apple seeds

since childhood I always ate the whole apple seeds and all at 61 I do not feel ill au contraire I feel real good.
— Anne-Marie


I am 75 years old and have eaten seeds with cyanide most of my life. As a child I ate every cherry pit (seed) with no ill effect. All my vitals are good and the doctors can not find anything wrong in blood tests. I firmly believe that small amounts of cyanide are good and do kill errant cells. Not even my prostate shows any signs of abnormalities. At my age I eat about 4 or 5 apricot seeds per year, some peach seeds as well. Keep healthy!!


i was living in france and i went to an apple orchard where the farmer told me that i should eat the entire apple including the seeds because the seeds are full of cancer fighting antioxidants. i’ve been eating whole apples since then and i love the taste of the seeds. i haven’t seen any side effects, but i think i’ll stop just in case y’all are right :/

Good for smoker

I discover a new thing from apple seeds. I don’t find anything bad effect from apple seeds. if you dry the seeds and mash it [*more than 15 pieces required], you will find a new marijuana ingredients. just mixed with some ingredients of cigarette and make a cigarette stick with papers or you can pour it into a cigarette stick. then just smoke this new cigarette what I invented. it will give you drowsiness and good feelings for more than 2 hours. 100 % tested. (I am weak in English so don’t mind about my writings) A Bangladeshi Method of Marijuana
— Large Pinik Baba


Whoever wrote that you can DIE from eating apple/cherry pits is very mistaken. I happen to know how much amygdalin (cyanide) they contain, it is extremely, extremely miniscule. The liver is able to break it down faster than you can eat it, there is no danger at all. People just have a knee jerk reaction to the word “cyanide,” it’s automatically linked to instant death

I’ve been eating apple seeds

When eating one or more apples and/or cherries, I consume every seed by either chewing the apple seeds or, with cherry pits, gently cracking the shell with pliers and extracting the kernel or pulverizing the seeds with liquid (juice) in a blender. No problems what-so-ever after years of doing this. Moreover, I have read that the molecular cyanide component in the seeds *MAY BE* selectively lethal to cancer cells. Hence, 1) no detectable bad side effects; 2) may be therapeutically beneficial; 3) cheap/free; 4) not bad tasting … so, why not? 61 years old and in perfect health John
—] John Kieffer

Yummy apple seeds

I eat them all the time and I really really really really really love em! As a matter a fact if I find an apple you better believe I am going to eat the seeds. My friends call me Johnny Appleseed I eat so many.
—] Mr. Eddy

I eat apple seeds

Every time I eat an apple I eat the seeds. I eat the whole core, just chew a little more. Thats called whole food.

Do Apple Seeds Contain Poison?

Apricot Seeds Kill Cancer Cells without Side Effects (NaturalNews) Are apricot seeds a source for a natural substance that kills cancer cells without destroying the cancer victim’s health and wealth? The essential ingredient has been called laetrile or vitamin B 17. If there is any merit to it, why is this information being suppressed? Why are people who have been cured or have cured others being censured and imprisoned?
—Apricot seeds

Cyanide Poisoning

I never ate cherry pits until one nite I was too stoned and lazy to spit them anywhere. I ate about 6 and then I died….
—Guest Dead Guy

Eating Peach Pits(seeds)

I have been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, and was going to the bathroom from 2 to 5 times a night. Doctors prescribed medicine but it made me so dizzy I could not take it. I had read the book,WORLD WITHOUT CANCER,by G. EDWARD GRIFFIN. Since I had access to a supply of peach pits I decided I would try eating two to five of them per day about a year and a half ago. shortly I noticed that the stream was better and the urgency was gone . Also, visits to the bathroom at night were down to 1 and some times none. I have had absolutely no other side effects. I also eat the peach sometimes when I have them,and flat beans and berry seeds. I am happy to have access to these seeds and count myself blessed to have found an apparent solution to my problem. Thanks for the opportunity to share this with others . I WILL NOT COMMENT ON THE CYANIDE SCARE THAT IS SO WIDESPREAD, BUT YOU CAN IMAGINE WHAT IT WOULD BE IF I DID! HAROLD
— Harold Pierce

Lmao really

I almost always eat the core of an apple, I find no problem, in fact, I’m more focused when I do eat them
— Laserboy

Juiced the apple seeds

I blend and juice everyday, today I accidentally blended an apple core. I freaked out when I read u could be poisoned an die!! Holy moly! If they were THAT dangerous then why are we eating apples at all? I know that greens are poisonous in small amounts but won’t harm you but a few apple seeds? So crazy. I drank about 1/2 of my 32 oz drink and so far I’m fine.
— Apple juicer

apple seeds

I’ve eaten apple seeds and cheery pits and orange seeds and grape seeds,they’re only poisonous if you ate a lot of them,like the seeds from 50 apples maybe. Ridiculous that an article like this would try to scare people unneeded without including the proper information.

always ate apple seeds

They taste vaguely like almonds. I don’t recall any symptoms. I guess I’ll stop eating them now, though.
— jom


what happens if u dry out apple or cherry seed then crush them up then serve them to people
— jamie

apple seeds

I ate an apple with apple seeds at lunch time. I could not pay attention in class. I believe its the apple seeds.
—R. Baron

natural vs man made poisons

i always eat the apple seeds and have never had any of these supposed side effects. isolating one compound and then using scare tactics to dissuade one from trying natural remedies is a disservice. most pharmaceuticals are highly poisonous and have immediate side effects. yet we are to believe the are safest and most effective. ??
— dever

Hard to know what to believe

I started eating apple seeds a couple of months ago because someone told me they had cancer fighting agents in them. I had never heard the poisonous part, so I tried it. No side effects. They were softer & easier to chew than I imagined & the flavor reminds me of cherries. I haven’t had more than two apples w/their seeds in a week. I wish scientists would decide which is true. In the meantime, each time I eat an apple, I will eat the seeds since my family has a history of cancer.
— Amy


MY effect are headaches and I chewed up the seeds,, am i going to die?? from poisoning??? Or headaches?? Waiting for the GRIM reaper?.?

Apple lover

I have eaten apples…everything but the stem… for over 65 years and have noticed no ill effects.
— Dick Hueter

Waiting for the grim reaper

I just ate a whole apple seeds and all… including the stem. I chewed up the seeds and the stem. The seeds had a rather pleasant almond extract flavor, the stem was tougher w/out much flavor. Now I”m just sitting here waiting for something to happen. If I die I’ll get back on here a post a warning for everyone.
— deadmanwalking

Rubbish all the way.

I have been eating pits an cores and since late may 2011 I have been eating 100 to 150 apricot seeds a day. This should KILL me if I believe the EU and what they say about this. On average the apricot seeds contain 0,5 mg of cyanide but it’s locked in glucose and is therfore called amygdalin (cyanide). The only effect this have had on me is easier breathing (yes I am a smoker) and the partly disapperance of some seborrheic eczema. Sitting here wondering why this is said to be sooooo toxic…… May be because it can not be patented. The book B17 a world without cancer is a must to read and HEY ! We have a lot of moose here and they can strip an aple tree in minutes….. Why norwegian gardens are not filled with dead MOOSE :-)
— Eric Juvastoel


How do u even chew peach pits or cherry pits? Aren’t they really hard? I feel like I’d damage my teeth!

Eating apple cores

I’ve been eating apple cores, pear cores, cherry pits for years and it has been the best years of my life! I wouldn’t change it for the world. All this talk about them being poisonous is outrageous! If anything it saves you a trip to the garbage can!

Trust nature.

I am both apple seeds in an apple last night and felt no ill effects. The taste was interesting and somehow familiar. The medical cartel might be trying to scare us away from such a simple cancer fighting mechanism.
— Dannyboy

Cyanide is BAD for CANCER

I have recently become interested in the subject of alternative cures for cancer and one of them is LAETRILE aka Vitamin B-12. It so happens that B-12 which is a nitriloside, is related to cyanide found within the pits of apricots in its most concentrated form. Apples contain also but not so concentrated. It seems there are tribes in the Himilayas that have apricot orchards for thousands of years and eat those “bitter almonds’ daily. They are totally cancer free. The skins of apples contain the mechanism for de-activating any harmful effects of the seeds if it gets past your built in enzyme defense mechanisms within your body. It seems that ONLY the cancer cells within those tumors are destroyed. Something to do with the structure of cancer cells that cause their destruction from the cyanide. the enzymes prohibit affect anywhere else because normal cells have a different structure that de-activates harmful effect. Talk about nature saving us!

Cherry pits

My 4 year old granddaughter ate over 20 cherry pits. We rang poisons infi and they told us to go to hospital. There, she was given charcoal to reduce poison absorption , watched over night and sent home in the morning. She gradually passed them naturally and suffered no ill effects.

I’ve been ingesting apple seeds

I’ve been putting at least one whole apple a day in my Vitamix – with my juicing plan – for a month. I just learned of this poison n the seeds. I have been experiencing most of the symptoms described. I am going to see my doctor tomorrow, to have myself checked out!
— Joe Ann Murphy

not harmful

I think you are overreacting or maybe your information is wrong because I chew on dozens of pits a day and never have any ill effects.
— bbbenny

Noe Problums

I hav eatan appul seeds an thi docter sed it afeckts my abilaty to spel corektly.
— Jakcie

No Problems Eating Apple Seeds

I hate to waste food, and so I’ve always eaten the entire apple, except the stem. I have been eating about 4-5 apples a week like this for at least 45 years, and never suffered any bad effects that I can correlate to eating the entire apple. I am wondering if this practice may have led to an immunity to the cyanide compounds, because based on the information in this article, I should have become very ill.
— Joey Jo Jo

chewing pips

I have been eating three to ten apples a day for years. I eat the whole apple and enjoying chewing the pips before swallowing them. No ill effects. No stomach pumps have been necessary, in fact my stomach seems to regularly empty itself quite naturally.
— Charles Ross

been there, done that

I’ve been eating apple seeds(I like to crush them and feel their bitter taste) since I was a kid, I have to mention I sometimes eat dunno, 4-5 apples in a row, enjoying the crushed seeds. I never felt nausea or ready to go to the hospital. But what applies to me might not apply to others. just don’t freak out if you eat a few seeds by accident.
— julia

What do I do?

I just chewed up and swallowed two apple seeds and I’m a kid. What should I do????
— Miranda

Poison Smoison

I have eaten the whole apple – core & seeds since I was 5. I typically eat 1-2 complete apples, pears or oranges daily and have not experienced any ill affects (now mid 40’s).
— Tommy Appleseed

Apple seeds

I ate an apple seed when I was six. I’m 41 now I wonder when the poison will effect me. Maybe in 40 more years.
— Scott

What’s the problem???

I used to laugh at a guy from Australia who ate the whole apple, seeds and all. He did it all his life. Now I juice whole apples with my VitaMix and never remove the seeds, only remove the stem, with no ill effects to date. I just gave my 7 lb. miniature pinscher 2 apple cores with seeds, and thought I’d check to see if it was OK, (as an afterthought). I’ll watch him to see if he has any problem, as he is very sensitive to anything. So far, so good. I’ll let you know if he gets sick or anything.
— Patti Hoffman

Doing it all my life

I eat the whole apple, skin and seeds of the orange and grapefruit, watermelon seeds and even peanut shells. Never had a problem.
— webwillie

consuming the entire apple

I’ve been eating the full apple for as long as I could remember! Haha so far nothing has gone bad but when I was young I copied this guy on a show called deathnote his name is ryuk he’s a shinigami which is like a death god or referred to as a reaper and he would be floating eating the apples and I would eat the whole apple like him and to this day I still eat it like he did. At first I didn’t like the taste but over time I pulled through and now I like it, my friends think its weird though XD. But yeah when I read this I was like oh snap I’m gonna die but I’ve got some people telling me on one side that its ok to eat the whole thing in fact its healthy for you and then I got this telling me I could die?! Lol I feel like I’m rolling down a hill in a barrell that never ends, but all in all the info was helpful :)
— Stephanie R.

I suffered increased flatulance.

I ate a cherry pit and vomited on my flat mate Carlos.
— Bob

no way…really?

The FDA & the medical industry are always right because they’re looking out for our best interest right? You tell me. I have been prescribed medication by a doctor that was supposed to regulate my hormones, instead it messed me up so bad I am still struggling to recover there years later. I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them. But yeah don’t eat apple seeds, it might save you from buying cancer treatments later resulting in huge inconvenience to the big pharma…what a joke.
— Al


I looked this up out of boredom as whenever i eat an apple i always eat the entire thing, as for me it feels wrong not to eat the entire thing. i have never had any noted side effects even after going through like 5-6 apples inside of an hour or two. so while most people get side effects from them, i personally have never experience this.
— Phoenix Duspiva

apple seeds

Apple pips are yummy and i have lots in my tummy they are also very scrummy and are given to me by my mummy therefore they are good for my gummy and i don’t need a dummy

Hmm… Weird taste.

I remember hearing about poisonous seeds a while back and this suddenly sprung to mind when I ate the insides of apple seeds out of curiosity.I must have eaten about 10 today and i like the almondy taste. Nothing bad has happened, though. My arms sting a little, but that’s just a placebo effect from knowing I’m eating something that contains cyanide… I THINK.
— Mister_Pedro


I started eating whole apples, being sure to chew the seeds, as a cancer preventative. Am ordering apricot kernels in their natural state and plan on eating 10 per day, plus 2 whole apples per day. Seeds are there for a reason! There is even a verse in the bible that explains this. So, eat your fruit, seeds and all…..and enjoy a long, healthy life. If you eat so many you feel nauseous, just cut back to a lower dose until your body becomes accustomed to the new substance you are introducing in your diet, then increase over time. Search FB and Google for Carl O’Helvie. Mr. O’Helvie survived Stage IV lung cancer 30+ years ago by eating apricot seeds, amygdalin/laetrile!
— cherbarn

Every day for 2 weeks

I didn’t know apple seeds were poisonous and have been eating the whole apple, seeds included, almost every day for 2 weeks. So far I’ve had no noticeable symptoms, I am diabetic and have those types of side effects most days anyways.
— Zack

No Problems With Seeds Noted

When they’re available, I eat an apple a day (usually a large delicious variety) seeds and all, and I’ve never experienced any correlatable side effects.
— Seedy Guy

eat them

I constantly eat the seeds from apples and other fruits and have experienced no side effects.
—corbie appleseed


The USA and the UK government made a law for all the pharmacies to stop the sell of Vitamin B17. Also peach seeds because they contain a lot VITAMIN B17. WHY? Because they want to kill the population of the world… So eat as many PEACH SEEDS or try to find Vitamin B17.  I know a woman she survived twice Cancer and is proved by other people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Often eaten, never suffered.

I was once told that eating enough of the apple seeds can create a resistance to some cyanogenic acid based poisons. As a result, I always consciously eat the entire core, including all (usually 8-10) pits. I have often eaten 2-3 apples in a row this way since the age of maybe 15 (now 18) and have never suffered a single side effect. Any thoughts on this? I plan on continuing this habit until either the resistance gaining theory is disproved or I see or feel any of the related side effects. Side note: eating the core could cause far less waste, it is approximately 10-15% (guessed) of the apple.
— James


They taste sort of like sweet almond candies. I’ve eaten about 11 over the past two days and have not experienced any negative effects

Well Eating Some Seeds…

I’ve been eating the entire apple since the day i first ate one and the worst I’ve ever been was i ate 30-35 seeds because i thought that they were sunflower seeds and i didn’t tell anyone that i was feeling sick and well, i passed out on my bed reading a book and when i was awake again i had thrown up all over my bed and then i told my parents and the next day i had literally no feeling what so ever in my mouth and i could not taste ANYTHING, it was like eating paper food.
— Paul

I love the Seeds

They actually taste like bitter cherries. If I save the seeds for the end and then chew them all up at once I may feel a little numbness on my tongue but no other side affects ever.
— Bitter Cherries

Pharmaceuticals are safe, dever

@dever we are to believe that pharmaceuticals are the safest because professional chemists and doctors have figured out their effects, don’t intentionally eat any item with unknown effects.
— jim

Seeds from Heaven

I have consumed as many as 40 seeds in one day–I was told I probably have prostate cancer– So I keep eating them. I have not experienced any side effects. I do not know if it has killed any cancer, but I have found out I am having symptoms of prostatitus and not cancer. I see no reason not to keep eating them–I sort of like the almondy flavor. I just pray it will get rid of the prostatitus! YUK!
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14 thoughts on “Have You Eaten Apples Seeds or Cherry Pits?

  • muqadas khan

    i have no idea about it, either it is healthy or poisonous, but i don’t used to eat it b/c i don’t like its taste…..

  • mgsnell

    Swallowing the seeds or pits etc is not a problem as they are passed undigested. It is the chewing or grinding and ingesting that can be a problem depending on the amount taken over time.

  • John H

    I;ve eaten apple seeds all my life, My mother did too and she taught me how. She died from a fall at age 92. I’m now in my upper 80’s and my primary care MD lady says that I’m the healthiest octogenarian male she knows,

  • Ali

    I have ate so many Apple seeds and cherry pits when I’m young I never knew they could kill me but I still swallow then and one time I cutted a avocado seed in half and I ate a little bit of it

  • Carol

    I eat the entire apple. Have done since my biology teacher told us that they contain the goodness of the apple. I’m 53 and never had any of the symptoms of cyanide poisoning.

  • Kevin

    Yes I too have eaten both apple and cherry seeds and pits all my lif and nobody told me differently. How many do you have v to consume at bf 1 time to be fatal? I would like to know I will probably continue to eat them just don’t want to over do it.

  • gerald collis

    I love , love cherries and always swallow the pips. I have never noticed any ill effects.

    I know a man who eat cherry pips and died at 45 years of age. He got run over by a bus. Motto keep an eye out for large red buses.

  • Mayflower

    I eat the whole apple and swallow cherry pits. I am nineteen. N the only thing I noticed is that my consumption of apples lately has started to sculpt my body figure into a more feminine shape.

  • David Binner

    I have eaten apricot pits on and off for several years, and never had a problem–but I have never binged on them. I only ate 7 – 9 seeds per day.

    When apricots were in season, I would eat the apricots and save the seeds, letting them dry for a couple days. Then I would take the dried seeds outside, and crack the shells with a hammer on the concrete (like walnuts), and eat the seed inside. When they are fresh they taste very good, similar to almonds or hazelnuts.

    However, I have since found apricot seeds already pitted in some ethnic food stores. For example, in some Chinese or Persian food stores, they are sold in the bulk foods section and you can buy a bag of them at once. Saves me the trouble of cracking them myself. Apricot seeds are an important part of several cultures’ cuisine. If they were poisonous, I suppose these cultures would have stopped eating them by now, or gone extinct. But they haven’t. So it probably comes down to eating them in moderation.
    I recommend eating ~7 seeds per day.
    And don’t let them get too old; if you wait too long, they taste bitter and aren’t as enjoyable to eat.

    Do they have cancer fighting properties? I do not know. I don’t have cancer and never had. I simply enjoy eating them.

  • Margaret Caffrey

    As a child I often went hungry, being part of a big family. I ate everything that I found that I could. I remember that I would crack open peach and apricot stones with a hammer and eat the kernels. I recommenced this later in life when one of my sisters died of breast cancer. My mother already had breast cancer but having detected it early survived without Chemo/radiation. My grand mother died of lung cancer, probably coal fume related. My younger sister also experienced the same as my mother, except she did have the immune destroying Chemo etc. She still experiences bad side effects from this over ten years later. Since then two more family members have contracted cancer, one of whom has died of a brain tumour. The other is currently fighting for her life. I might have been the one most likely to get cancer as I worked in a cigarette smoke heavily polluted situation and under a damaged asbestos ceiling for over twenty five years. But so far so good. When eating anything, however good, too much is also harmful. So with anything new start with small amounts and expand, but never too much. I have also habitually fasted all my life. I think that too much equates to different sorts of overgrowth, bringing Candida and cancer to mind. Eat the stones/seeds along with it’s fruit and never too much at the same time…. M.

  • Apples Engage

    Im 46 and have been eating the whole apply since about 5 years old, I eat on average 3 apples a day as they are my source of a snack, rather than the rubbish of all packaged sugar and salted snacks allowed to be sold that do nothing than cause obese.

    I’m still going strong, time for another whole apple.

  • Jimi Helms

    Most people are starved from lack of nutrients. Mother Nature is good at providing fruit and seeds and we should show respect and eat them.


    Genesis 1:29-30 (Amplified version below)
    And God said, See, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the land and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food.

  • Sandra P

    A true cherry pit story. When my son was a toddler, my mother fed him about 20 fresh cherries off their tree without removing the pits. I picked him up about 5 hours later and he didn’t look well. I got him home and put him in his crib then called my mother to see what he might have eaten. Suddenly while on the phone I heard a sound coming from my sons room and went inside and found that he had vomited up all the cherries with their pits. I lifted him out and suddenly I was overcome with the fumes and I began to vomit. I gathered up his sheets and threw them outside. My husband walked in from work about that time and he was overcome with the fumes as well and got sick immediately. Years later in a chemistry class I was taking I recounted this story to my professor during a story he was telling about fellow classmates making cherry wine without removing the pits and they all ended up in the hospital. He took me into our lab and made me stand back and then took the top off a compound and wafted is just slightly and I yelled yes! That’s what it smelled like! Thank God my son vomited up all those pits and it didn’t kill him. My real life story.