HD Periodic Table Wallpapers – Honeycomb Pattern 5

These HD periodic table wallpapers all have the elements arranged in a honeycomb pattern where each element is represented by a hexagon. The text of each cell contains each element’s atomic number, element symbol, element name and atomic mass.

Reading the table requires you to oscillate right then left as you move down a column. Moving horizontally is the same as you are used to.

These tables are suitable for 1920×1080 high definition monitors and laptops. Each cell contains the element’s atomic number, element symbol, element name and atomic mass. Click the image below of your preferred table to view the full-sized image.

Red Hexagon Periodic Table - 2015

Red on black for a vaguely sinister feeling.

Cyan Hexagon Periodic Table - 2015

Glowing highlighter blue text is kind of relaxing in its own way.

HD periodic table wallpapers are available in any color.

This periodic table has a green radioactive glow.

Aqua Hexagon Periodic Table - 2015

Not quite green, not quite blue. Go for an “Under the Sea” theme with this periodic table.

Blue Hexagon Periodic Table - 2015

Feeling blue? This cool colored table feels the same way.

Purple Hexagon Periodic Table - 2015

Purple is the color of royalty. Feel regal with this periodic table.

Yellow Hexagon Periodic Table - 2015

Yellow theme to warn of danger or marking construction areas. I say this table is dangerous.

Orange Hexagon Periodic Table - 2015

Orange is a lesser used highlighter color. Support the minority with this orange periodic table.

Pink Hexagon Periodic Table - 2015

Pink tiles is simply an awesome color for a high contrast desktop wallpaper. Go Pink!

White Hexagon Periodic Table - 2015

White on black for that chalkboard look you’ve always wanted.

Inverted Black and White Hexagon Periodic Table - 2015

Hovering white tiles over a black background almost has a 3D effect for this periodic table.

For another interesting hexagon pattern where the hexagons are flat on top and bottom instead of pointy like these, check out Hexagon Periodic Table Wallpapers.

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