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Rubidium Metal Sample ( Dnn87)
The alkali metals are the elements located in group IA of the periodic table (the first column). The key characteristic these elements share in common is that they all have one electron in the outer electron shell. This lone electron is loosely bound, making this a set of reactive metallic […]

Alkali Metal Properties

Glowing Resin Rings 5
It’s easy to make a glowing resin ring. You don’t need any prior experience with either resin or glow in the dark (phosphorescent) materials. The length of time the ring will glow in the dark depends on the type of glow powder you use, ranging from a few minutes (zinc […]

How to Make a Glowing Resin Ring

Answer sheet for Acid Formulas Worksheet 1
Worksheets are a great way to practice new concepts. This Acid Formulas Worksheet contains the common names of ten different acids. You just have to supply the correct chemical formula for each acid. This acid formulas worksheet is available as a PDF for download.The answer key is also available as […]

Acid Formulas Worksheet