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The toasted part of a marshmallow has been carmelized. (John Lustig)
Caramelization is one of the food browning processes, used to give foods a desirable color, flavor, and texture. It is also a process responsible for a burnt sugar flavor or blackening of food. How Caramelization Works Caramelization, like the Maillard reaction, is a form of non-enzymatic browning. It occurs when […]

What Is Caramelization? Why Sugar Browns

Splash glowing red fake blood on surfaces for a scary Halloween effect.
You can make glow in the dark blood for a Halloween costume or just because you want to decorate yourself with glowing blood. Here are several recipes for non-toxic glow in the dark blood. Glowing Alien or Radioactive-Looking Blood Mix equal parts white corn syrup and clear non-toxic school glue […]

How to Make Glow in the Dark Blood