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Chlorine gas is a pale greenish yellow color. (W. Oelen)
These are instructions for preparing chlorine gas (Cl2) from potassium permanganate and concentrated hydrochloric acid. Reactants Only two chemicals are needed: potassium permanganate concentrated hydrochloric acid Gas Preparation Add concentrated hydrochloric acid dropwise onto a small quantity of potassium permanganate crystals (in a flask). Collect the chlorine gas by upward displacement of air […]

How to Make Chlorine Gas

Total Solar Eclipse Over a Lake
The gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon produces the tides, so it makes sense gravity could affect plate tectonics and potentially trigger earthquakes. In a solar eclipse, the Earth, Sun, and Moon are aligned, so you’d expect the effect to be greatest. Is there a correlation between eclipses […]

Can a Solar Eclipse Trigger an Earthquake?