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Chlorine gas is a pale greenish yellow color. (W. Oelen)
These are instructions for preparing chlorine gas (Cl2) from potassium permanganate and concentrated hydrochloric acid. Reactants Only two chemicals are needed: potassium permanganate concentrated hydrochloric acid Gas Preparation Add concentrated hydrochloric acid dropwise onto a small quantity of potassium permanganate crystals (in a flask). Collect the chlorine gas by upward displacement of air […]

How to Make Chlorine Gas

Total Solar Eclipse Over a Lake 6
The gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon produces the tides, so it makes sense gravity could affect plate tectonics and potentially trigger earthquakes. In a solar eclipse, the Earth, Sun, and Moon are aligned, so you’d expect the effect to be greatest. Is there a correlation between eclipses […]

Can a Solar Eclipse Trigger an Earthquake?

Chemistry Dictionary - Glossary of Chemistry Definitions
This comprehensive chemistry dictionary or glossary offers definitions for terms which are commonly used in chemistry and chemical engineering. This page contains the chemistry definitions starting with the letter A. Click the letter to go to the page containing glossary terms beginning with that letter. A B C D E […]

A to Z Chemistry Dictionary – Comprehensive Glossary of Chemistry ...   Recently updated !