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The use of petrochemicals in medicine includes the manufacture of pills, capsules, and disposable syringes.
It’s hard to notice what’s going on around you when you’re injured or sick. You may be surprised at the key role played by petrochemicals in medicine. Some uses are obvious, like plastic tubes and containers. Most uses of petroleum are much harder to see. Petroleum products save doctors and […]

Petrochemicals in Medicine

Friedrich Konrad Beilstein
February 17 is Friedrich Beilstein’s birthday. Beilstein was the Russian chemist who originally wrote Handbuch der Organischen Chemie or Handbook of Organic Chemistry. This organic chemical reaction handbook was published in 1881 and originally contained information on 1,500 different organic compounds. Today, its name is the Beilstein Database. The Beilstein Database […]

Today in Science History – February 17 – Friedrich Beilstein ...