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Theodor Svedberg (1884 - 1971)
February 25 marks the passing of Theodore H. E. Svedberg. Svedberg was a Swedish chemist best known for the invention of the ultracentrifuge. Svedberg was a colloid chemist studying the various physical properties of particles suspended in solution such as diffusion, light absorption, and sedimentation. His work helped prove Einstein’s […]

Today in Science History – February 25 – Theodor Svedberg

One simple example of an exothermic process is the heat you can feel if you let laundry detergent dissolve in water in your hand.
Interesting chemical reactions don’t necessarily require a chemistry lab and expensive glassware. For example, you can experience an exothermic chemical reaction using nothing more complicated than a handful of laundry detergent powder and a bit of water. An exothermic reaction is one which produces heat as chemical bond energy is […]

Easy Exothermic Detergent Reaction