Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit Example Problem 2

CO2 Sublimation

Light blue pellet of dry ice subliming in water and giving off clouds of gaseous carbon dioxide. Credit: Steve Jurvetson/Creative Commons

Occasionally, you may need to convert a temperature in Celsius to Fahrenheit. If you are an American, most often it will be to find the outside temperature of a place just about everywhere else in the world that reports their temperatures in Celsius. This example problem shows the steps necessary to convert Celsius temperatures to the Fahrenheit scale.

Example Problem:
Dry ice, or frozen carbon dioxide sublimes (phase change between solid to gas) at -78.5 °C under normal atmospheric pressures. What is this temperature in Fahrenheit?

The formula needed to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit is:

°F = 95°C + 32

where °F and °C are the temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius respectively.

To solve this, plug the celsius temperature, -78.5 °C into the formula.

°F = 95(-78.5) + 32
°F = -141.3 + 32
°F = -109.3 °F

Dry ice sublimes at -109.3 °F under normal atmospheric pressure.

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