What Temperature Are Fahrenheit and Celsius Equal? 3

Fahrenheit and Celsius are the same at -40 degrees.

Fahrenheit and Celsius are the same at -40 degrees.

When does Celsius equal Fahrenheit? The temperature is -40°.

This is a common homework question for students when they are learning unit conversions. This example problem shows how to calculate when the reading on a Celsius thermometer would equal the reading on on a Fahrenheit thermometer.

Start with one of the two conversion factors between °C and °F.

The two conversion formulas are:

°C = 59(°F – 32)
°F = 95°C + 32

It doesn’t matter which one you use since they are the same equation. Let’s use the second one. We want to know when °C = °F, so the equation becomes:

°C = 95°C + 32

Solve for °C

°C – 95°C = 32
Factor out the °C

(1 – 95)°C = 32

Solve the fraction

(5595)°C = 32
45°C = 32

Multiply both sides by 5

-4°C = 160

Divide both sides by -4

°C = -40

°C = °F = -40.

Celsius equals Fahrenheit at -40°.

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