Honeycomb and Hexagon Periodic Tables

This is a collection of honeycomb and hexagon periodic tables. The┬áperiodicity of the elements may not be as apparent as with rectangular element cells, but in some tables the groups are color-coded, so it’s not hard to see trends in properties. The point of these tables is that they look interesting, nothing more. Enjoy!

Multicolored Hexagon Periodic Tables

This rainbow hexagon table is a reader request. The element groups are easy to distinguish.

Color Hexagon Periodic Table Wallpaper

The goal with this table was to create a neon glow around each element tile. The effect is subtle.

Neon Honeycomb Periodic Table

This table is more for the people who like bright backgrounds for their wallpapers. The colors are similar to the black background and the glow is slightly more pronounced.

Neon Honeycomb Periodic Table - White BackgroundWhile this table does not offer different colors for the element groups, it’s pretty cool, don’t you think?

Honeycomb Periodic Table Rainbow

Honeycomb Periodic Tables (Lots of Colors)

This is a collection of single colored honeycomb pattern tables. The element groups line up nicely, though the periods are offset. If you don’t see the perfect color for you, just ask and we can fix you up.

Honeycomb Periodic Table - Pink Text

Hexagon Table (Stacked Differently)

If you like your hexagons stacked differently, all the same highlighter colors are available using a different configuration.

Hexagon Periodic Table Wallpaper - Green

You can click any of these images to view them full-size. They are free to right-click and save to use as wallpapers or to print. You can print as many as you like to use and hand out. The only restriction is that you do not post any of these tables on your website.



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