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Copper Sulfate Crystals (Crystal Titan) 1
Do you want to grow natural vivid blue crystals? Try this easy recipe for copper sulfate crystals. Copper Sulfate Crystal Materials copper sulfate (find at Amazon or make your own) water jar Make a Saturated Copper Sulfate Solution First, you need a saturated copper sulfate solution so the crystals can […]

How To Grow Blue Copper Sulfate Crystals

Proxima Centauri
“What is the closest star?” This is often a trick question given to students. Most people start trying to think of exotic sounding names like Rigel,¬†Sirius or Betelgeuse. The answer is “The Sun”. Our Sun is a star, specifically a Main Sequence G-type star commonly known as a yellow dwarf. […]

What Is The Closest Star?

Brown Dwarf
A star has been discovered a mere 7.2 light-years from our Sun. The reason no one ever noticed it was because this star is a brown dwarf. A brown dwarf star is a mass of gas too small to sustain fusion reactions in their core. Their size ranges between approximately¬†2 […]

New Star Discovered Close To Home