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Outer Orbital Block Periodic Table
This Periodic Table shows the general relationship of each element’s outermost electron orbitals. You can see the trends easily with this table. As the atomic number increases, s orbitals are filled first, followed by p orbitals. The transition elements are the beginning of filling the d orbitals and the lanthanides […]

Periodic Table – Outermost Electron Orbitals

Jacobus van't Hoff 4
August 30 is Ernest Rutherford’s birthday. Rutherford is the New Zealand-born British physicist who is considered the Father of Nuclear Physics. Rutherford is directly responsible for a number of important discoveries involving the study of nuclear science and radioactivity. He was the first to outline the rules governing radioactive decay […]

Today In Science History – August 30 – Ernest Rutherford

Periodic Table-Metals 2017 1
The elements of the periodic table can be broken into three different groups: Metals, Metalloids, and Nonmetals. This periodic table shows the three different groups of elements. The metalloid group separates the metals from the nonmetals. Elements to the left are metals and nonmetals are to the right. The exception is […]

Metals, Metalloids and Nonmetals   Recently updated !