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When defining a unit, you first define a means to measure that physical quantity. Measuring means a method of calculating the quantity from other known quantities. People have developed standard units for this purpose. Science today uses an international system of units known as SI units. (SI comes from the French “Système […]

How to Do Unit Conversions – Ladder Method

An accelerometer is a device to measure acceleration. One of the simplest accelerometers is a small mass hanging from a thin rod or string that can pivot freely as a body accelerates. As the body containing the accelerometer accelerates one direction, the freely hanging weight will swing in the opposite direction. […]

Accelerometer – Inertia Example Problem

Scientists have learned a person really does have an aura of light. (Chad Madden)
An aura is a halo of light surrounding a person. While most people associate auras with the paranormal, they really do exist. Scientists have known for a while now that humans emit very low levels of visible light. I’m not talking about infrared radiation or heat — this is light […]

Do People Have an Aura?