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This is an incredible photo of the 1999 total solar eclipse in France. (Luc Viatour /
Seeing a solar eclipse, especially a total solar eclipse, is an unforgettable experience! It’s also a lengthy experience, plus you’ll want to share it with others, so it’s worth having a camera handy to photograph the event. Another good reason to take pictures is because the camera sees the eclipse […]

How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse Safely   Recently updated !

Pi 1
March 14 is traditionally Pi Day since 3-14 are the first three digits of pi. The year 2015 added little more significance because the next two digits are 15. The year 2016 worked too, since you could round pi to 3.1416. Anyway, the digits of pi are important. That hasn’t stopped […]

Pi Day and the Indiana Pi Bill

The ideal gas law describes the behavior of an ideal gas, but can also be used when applied to real gases under a wide variety of conditions. This allows us to use this law to predict the behavior of the gas when the gas is subjected to changes in pressure, […]

Ideal Gas Law Example Problem