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Chemistry up your Christmas celebration with this periodic table Christmas tree. This Christmas tree contains all 118 elements of the periodic table including the proposed names of elements 113, 115, 117, and 118. Each tile contains the element’s number, symbol, and name. Wear Your Own Chemis-tree (or enjoy a coffee) […]

Periodic Table Christmas Tree

Image: NASA/GSFC/Chris Gunn
Science labs usually ask you to compare your results against theoretical or known values. This helps you evaluate your results and compare them against other people’s values. The difference between your results and the expected or theoretical results is called error. The amount of error that is acceptable depends on […]

Sources of Error in Science Experiments

Time Dilation - Relativity Example Problem
Special relativity theory introduced an interesting notion about time. Time does not pass at the same rate for moving frames of reference. Moving clocks run slower than clocks in a stationary frame of reference. This effect is known as time dilation. To calculate this time difference, a Lorentz transformation is […]

Moving Clocks Run Slower – Time Dilation

2016 Thanksgiving Periodic Table
Thanksgiving isn’t complete without a turkey periodic table wallpaper. These turkeys have scratched up a few element facts from the fall leaves including atomic number, symbol, name and atomic mass. Just like fall leaves, turkeys change colors with the season. These turkeys change colors to match the element groups of […]

118 Element Thanksgiving Turkey Periodic Table

Density Periodic Table - 2017
Here is a table listing the density of elements of the periodic table. The values are for density around room temperature, except as noted. Elements are listed alphabetically. Keep in mind, density depends on temperature, pressure, and the allotrope (form) of the element, so true values may be a bit different. […]

Density of Elements of the Periodic Table