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When sunlight catches patio table crystals, they show rainbow colors. (Suncana, Flickr)
If you have a glass table and a sunny day you can paint your tabletop with non-toxic crystals in a flash. It’s an easy crystal-growing project, safe for kids and pets. You can use any crystal growing solution, but I recommend using the following recipe: 1 cup hot water 1/2 […]

Easy Patio Table Crystals Project

Area formulas and perimeter formulas are formulas that pop up often in different homework problems. Examples include problems involving pressure, mechanical torque and electric resistance. You could just memorize these formulas, but why do that when this handy reference is available? Triangle Area Formula and Triangle Perimeter Formula A triangle […]

Area Formulas and Perimeter Formulas

Concave Meniscus
A meniscus is a curve formed on the upper surface of a liquid inside a container. This curve is formed by the surface tension between the liquid and the container holding the liquid. If the molecules in the liquid are more attracted to the sides of the container than to each […]

How to Read a Meniscus

Bubbles and Antibubbles
Normal soap bubbles are made of a thin liquid layer around a gas bubble. Antibubbles are like reverse bubbles, where a layer of gas surrounds a liquid sphere. They are a common occurrence, but you may not have noticed them. Antibubbles can either skitter across the surface of a liquid […]

How to Make Antibubbles