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Color Periodic Table Wallpaper with Electron Configurations
This color periodic table contains each element’s number, symbol, name, atomic weight and electron configuration. EDIT: This table, while looking very nice, contains some minor errors in the values for atomic mass of some elements. A version of this table with the correct atomic masses can be found here. Each […]

Color Periodic Table With Electron Configurations

Friedrich Wilhelm Adam Sertuerner
June 19 is Friedrich Wilhelm Adam Sertürner’s birthday. Sertürner was a German pharmacist and largely responsible for taking pharmacology from alchemy to chemistry. In 1804, Sertürner was an apprentice to a pharmacist where he worked with opium. Opium is a narcotic derived from the sap harvested from opium poppy seed pods. It has was […]

Today In Science History – June 19 – Morphine