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Mathematics is a rigorous discipline with defined terms and rules. Too bad the same is not true of mathematicians. Here are a few of my favorite math jokes and puns. Post your favorite in the comments section. Start with the first you probably ever heard…Q. Why was 6 afraid of […]

Math Jokes

Periodic Table GIF 1
Chemists like a good joke as much as the next person. They even get a chuckle out of puns. Here is a list of chemistry jokes suitable for even non-chemists to give a laugh, or at least grin and groan. Post your best chemistry joke in the comments section. Please keep them […]

Chemistry Jokes

Trig Identities
This study sheet has ten groups of trig identities for the basic trigonometry functions. These identities include the reciprocal and co-function relationships between trig functions. There are also half-angle and double angle identities, along with sum and product relationships. This table is an extremely useful thing to keep on hand […]

Trig Identities Study Sheet