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Scrabble Periodic Table
This fun Scrabble periodic table wallpaper has tiles designed to look like Scrabble tiles. The background is a stylized Scrabble board. Each tile contains the element’s atomic number, element symbol, element name and atomic mass. The table is optimized to fit on a widescreen monitor with resolution 1920×1080. Click the […]

Scrabble Periodic Table Wallpaper

Beryllium Crystal
Beryllium is the fourth element of the periodic table. These beryllium facts contain chemical and physical data along with general information and history. Basic Beryllium Facts Name: Beryllium Atomic Number: 4 Element Symbol: Be Group: 2 Period: 2 Block: s Element Family: Alkaline Earth Atomic Mass: 9.012182(3) Electron Configuration: [He]2s2 (shorthand) or 1s22s2 (full) Discovery: Louis-Nicholas Vauquelin in 1798.Vauquelin was investigating […]

Beryllium Facts

Lithium Flame Test
Lithium is atomic number 3 on the periodic table with element symbol Li. Here are a collection of lithium facts, including its properties, uses, and sources. Basic Lithium Facts Name: Lithium Atomic Number: 3 Element Symbol: Li Group: 1 Period: 2 Block: s Element Family: Alkali Metal Atomic Mass: [6.938; 6.997] IUPAC guidelines6.941 is commonly used for a […]

Lithium Facts