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Olympic Rings Chemistry Demonstration
Produce the colors of the Olympic rings in this easy chemistry color change demonstration. The colors of the Olympic Rings represent the colors of the flags of all the countries that participated in the 1912 Olympic Games. The Olympic Rings are blue, black, red, yellow, and green on a white […]

Olympic Rings Chemistry Demonstration

Soft Contact Lens (Nieuw)
Have you ever wondered whether contact lenses glow or fluoresce under a black light? Here’s an interesting question from a reader: I have a friend who constantly loses a contact lens. I was wondering if I bought him a black light flashlight, if the light would help him find a […]

Do Contact Lenses Glow Under Black Light?

Crystal Starfish
Grow crystals on a starfish to make a sparkling crystal starfish ornament or decoration. Crystal Starfish Materials You can grow any crystal solution on the starfish, including borax, salt, alum, Epsom salt and sugar. Borax is nice because the crystals grow overnight and add a dainty sparkly appearance to the […]

Grow Crystals on a Starfish

Calico Cat
Did you know it can be dangerous to clean the litter box using bleach? The reason is because one of those lovely aromas that wafts from kitty’s litter box is ammonia. What is the last thing you want to mix with ammonia? That would be bleach. You are probably aware […]

Clean the Litter Box Safely

Blank Periodic Table 1
This printable periodic table is missing a few key parts. The cells are all present in the usual periodic table format. The group and period numbers are labelled and a nice solid line separates the metals from the metalloids and nonmetals. The missing elements are “left as an exercise for […]

Blank Periodic Table PDF