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Examples of pure iron (Alchemist-hp)
Iron is an element that is essential for human life and found in pure form as well as alloys. It is found in hemoglobin in red blood cells and cast iron cookware. Here are interesting element facts about iron, a transition metal with the element symbol Fe and atomic number […]

Iron Facts – Atomic Number 26 or Fe

Unit Conversion Chart
Unit conversion problems constitute the first week of nearly every science course. Measurement is a basic skill in science, but not all measurement methods are the same. People measure the same thing in different ways and use different units. To communicate between scientists, there has to be a method of […]

Unit Conversion Example Problems

Copper sulfate burns with more of a blue-green flame. (Anne Helmenstine)
Illuminating your Halloween jack o’ lantern with green fire is way more interesting than using a candle. Green fire just looks witchy! The effect is easy to achieve and yields fantastic results. Green Fire Jack o’ Lantern Materials You only need a few basic materials to put green fire in […]

Make a Green Fire Jack o’ Lantern

If you want to hear the aurora sound, listen on a calm, clear night. (Luke Stackpoole) 2
Do the Northern Lights or aurora borealis make a sound? The answer is yes. However, not everyone hears the sound and not all aurora produce it. Eyewitness Accounts of the Aurora Sound Several credible witnesses in both the Northern Hemisphere (aurora borealis) and Southern Hemisphere (aurora australis) report hearing a […]

Does the Aurora Borealis Make a Sound?