Chemistry Problems

There are many molecules and atoms in a drop of water.
Have you ever wondered how many molecules or atoms are in a drop of water? This is a common chemistry problem students solve because it deals with several important concepts, including chemical formulas, unit conversions, volume, mass, density, using the periodic table, the mole, and Avogadro’s number. Here is a […]

How Many Molecules and Atoms in a Drop of Water?

Gas Tank for Density of Ideal Gas Example
A common homework problem involving the ideal gas law is finding the density of an ideal gas. The idea of the problem is to bring in previously learned concepts of density and molecular mass into problems involving mostly pressures, volumes, and temperatures. This example problem will show how to find […]

Density of an Ideal Gas Example Problem – How to ...

Hess's Law Example Problem Abstract Energy Cube
Hess’s law of constant heat summation, or Hess’s law for short is a relationship describing the enthalpy change of a reaction. The total enthalpy change of a reaction is the sum of total enthalpies for each step of the reaction and is independent of the order of the steps. Basically, […]

Hess’s Law Example Problem

Phosphoric acid is an example of an oxoacid. (Ben Mills)
An oxoacid is a type of acid that contains oxygen bonded to hydrogen and another element. This chemistry example problem explains how to identify the strongest acid from a list of oxoacids, also known as oxyacids. Oxoacid Example Problem Which of the following is the strongest acid? HClO4 HClO3 HClO2 […]

Oxoacid Example Chemistry Problem