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It’s that time of year again! Are you ready for the 2016 Ig Nobel ceremony? The Ig Nobel Prize is awarded every September to outstanding scientific research, achievement, or an invention that first makes you laugh, and then forces you to think. The 2016 Ig Nobel ceremony or “The Igs” will be […]

Watch the 2016 Ig Nobel Awards Online

Mole Day Mascot
October is a busy month for chemists. This year, October in Chemistry has the Nobel Prize, National Chemistry Week and Mole Day! Nobel Prize – October 6 The Nobel Prizes are typically announced at the beginning of the month of October. This year, the Prizes will be announced October 6 […]

October 2014 In Chemistry

The Stinker
The Ig Nobel Award is awarded every September to outstanding scientific research, invention or any other achievement that first makes you laugh, and then forces you to think. This year, the 2014 Ig Nobel ceremony, or “The Igs” will be held on September 18 at Harvard University’s Sanders Theater at […]

Ig Nobel Awards 2014

Global Selfie Mosiac
On Earth Day, NASA asked people to take a ‘selfie’ photograph showing “Where are you on Earth right now?”. This event, dubbed GlobalSelfie, asked everyone to share their pictures to a variety of social websites. Selfies began to appear from 113 different countries ranging from Antarctica to Greenland. By the end of […]

NASA’s GlobalSelfie Mosaic

Earth from space.
April 22 is Earth Day. Earth Day is a global event meant to raise awareness about the Earth and environmental issues. Communities around the world host an assortment of events ranging from beach cleanups in Kuwait to nature walks in U.S. National Parks. The Earth Day network‘s theme this year […]

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