Chlorine Facts Quiz

Chlorine Facts Quiz
Take a multiple choice chlorine facts quiz to see how much you know about this interesting element.

How much do you know about the element chlorine? Here’s a ten question quiz you can take to test your knowledge of chlorine facts.

If you need a little pre-quiz review, read up on Chlorine Facts.

(1) Chlorine has two stable isotopes.

  •  false
  •  true

(2) Chlorine is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s oceans.

  •  true
  •  false

(3) What is the atomic number of chlorine (number of protons per atom)?

  •  8
  •  17
  •  16
  •  9

(4) What is the element symbol for chlorine?

  •  Ch
  •  Ce
  •  C
  •  Cl

(5) The name chlorine comes from the Greek word ‘khloros’ meaning:

  •  poison
  •  greenish yellow
  •  burning
  •  smelly

(6) Pure chlorine gas is:

  •  less dense than air
  •  more dense than air
  •  the same density as air

(7) Chlorine is a member of which element group?

(8) Chlorine has a distinctive color in its normal gaseous form. That color is:

  •  greenish yellow
  •  deep red
  •  greenish blue
  •  bright orange

(9) Chlorine is added to municipal water supplies to reduce tooth decay.

  •  false
  •  true

(10) Which commercial process is used to produce chlorine?

  •  evaporation
  •  electrolysis
  •  liquefying air
  •  distillation

Answer Key

  1. True
  2. True
  3. 17
  4. Cl
  5. greenish yellow
  6. more dense than air
  7. halogen group
  8. greenish yellow
  9. false (chlorine is a disinfectant; fluoride is added to way to reduce tooth decay)
  10. electrolysis

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