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Lithium Coin Battery
Traditional batteries contain three parts: a cathode, anode and an electrolyte. Each part serves a function. The cathode generates a positive charge, the anode carries a negative charge, and the electrolyte carries ions between the two electrodes. Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have found a way to alter the arrangement. They created […]

New Electrolyte Combination Creates Longer Life For Batteries

Proxima Centauri
“What is the closest star?” This is often a trick question given to students. Most people start trying to think of exotic sounding names like Rigel, Sirius or Betelgeuse. The answer is “The Sun”. Our Sun is a star, specifically a Main Sequence G-type star commonly known as a yellow dwarf. […]

What Is the Closest Star?

Brown Dwarf
A star has been discovered a mere 7.2 light-years from our Sun. The reason no one ever noticed it was because this star is a brown dwarf. A brown dwarf star is a mass of gas too small to sustain fusion reactions in their core. Their size ranges between approximately 2 […]

New Star Discovered Close to Home

Fox Hiding From The Hunt
There are several tales telling how to get into places where discovery could cause problems. Wolves dress as sheep to eat well and Greeks build large wooden horses to get past the front door. Both use a cloak to camouflage their true natures. This leads us to the problem faced by nanobots. Nanobots […]

Scientists Build Stealth Nanobots

Salt Crystal Geode
It’s easy to make your own crystal geode using an egg shell and salt, plus it takes a lot less time than waiting for Mother Nature to make a geode. About Geodes Geodes are natural rock formations that often take millions of years to form, as minerals crystallize in cavities […]

Make a Salt Crystal Geode

Lab Mice
Atherosclerosis is a medical condition where fatty materials, such as cholesterol, build up on the walls of blood vessels. Arteries begin to stiffen and narrow, reducing blood flow and increasing blood pressure. This the main cause of heart attacks and strokes and one of the leading causes of death in humans. Scientists at Johns Hopkins identified […]

New Method to Fight Cholesterol

Earth from space.
April 22 is Earth Day. Earth Day is a global event meant to raise awareness about the Earth and environmental issues. Communities around the world host an assortment of events ranging from beach cleanups in Kuwait to nature walks in U.S. National Parks. The Earth Day network‘s theme this year […]

Today Is Earth Day!