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Today In Science History – September 28 – Henri Moissan

September 28 is Henri Moissan’s birthday. Moissan was the French chemist who was the first to successfully isolate the element fluorine. Isolating fluorine was a goal for many chemists throughout the 19th Century. It was known to be an element back in the late 18th century, but no one had […]

Louis Pasteur

Examples of Chemical and Physical Properties

A chemical property is a characteristic of matter that can be observed and measured only when a chemical reaction occurs. Contrast this with a physical property, which is a characteristic that may be observed and measured without altering the chemical composition of a sample. Here is a list of several […]

Chemical Reaction

Polyatomic Ions List 1

Polyatomic ions are ions that contain more than one element. This polyatomic ions list contains many common polyatomic ions grouped by charge. Each entry contains the ion’s name, molecular formula and chemical structure. +1 Polyatomic Ions  Ion  Formula Structure Ammonium NH4+ Hydronium H3O+ -1 Polyatomic Ions  Ion  Formula Structure Acetate C2H3O2– […]

Sulfite Anion

If you don't add coloring, you slime will be ghostly and transparent. (Steve Jurvetson)

Make Ectoplasm Slime for Halloween

If you’re familiar with the Ghostbusters movies, you know about ectoplasm and ghosts. It’s the viscous supernatural goo associated with spirits manifesting in the living world. Unless you have a pet poltergeist, you’ll need to make your own ectoplasm for haunted houses and ghoul costumes. Fortunately, all it takes is […]